Housing First

Why Do We Need it?

Housing First is the simple idea that the easiest way to combat homelessness is to provide our homeless neighbors with a safe, clean space for them to sleep, shower, and receive mail. 


Shelter is a basic human need. You can’t get a home without a job and you can’t get a job without a home. Someone has to step up somewhere and I believe that we can do that for our neighbors. Everyone deserves a place to feel safe at night, and homeless people, particularly homeless women, go to sleep every night in fear, without a door to lock.

Studies and historical experience have shown that people with addiction and employment issues are more likely to quit drugs and get jobs when they have a home. When people know they have a safe place to sleep through the night, they can begin to plan the rest of their life.


A Tiny House village in Citrus Heights would not only provide that basic necessity and launchpad to recovery for the homeless community, but would also improve safety and security for home and business owners. 

In 2022, the city will finally get the property tax that we have been paying for years. Taking that new influx of cash and investing it straight into the community is not only a good moral idea, it is a good economical idea! Using that money to pay local people to create a safe space for the community will enrich everyone's lives.



  • 67% of Citrus Heights homeless folks are chronically homeless

  • 102 homeless people (62%) WANT help, 

  • Only 48 (29%) have been able to access assistance but that little amount was not enough.

  • This is just the PIT count, which chronically under counts homeless people, including those who live in cars, do not wish to be counted, or are unwilling to speak to the police doing the count. 

  • Police sweeps merely shuffle homeless people/camps from one neighborhood to another, creating stress for the police, the homeless, and residents. 

  • Creating a single, safe, and centralized space for homeless communities to shelter and live, resolves all of these problems without criminalizing the homeless, lowering family safety and quality of life and property for housed residents, or endangering police.

  • By helping our most disadvantaged neighbors, we can make the city as a whole better






SOURCE: https://citrusheightssentinel.com/2019/07/07/heres-what-the-2019-homeless-count-in-citrus-heights-found/

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